World of Warcraft

The tale of Svik begins....





As this is my first online RPG, my expectations were mixed when I ordered the FB kit.

But after months of waiting it turned out to be worth it.


The first thing to do was creating my player. I already read about the different races and classes, and decided for a Night Elf Hunter. The thought of me exploring alone, with only my deadly pet as company was thrilling....

Naming my char wasn´t that big a problem. I wanted a short name for easy chat, and since I always have used the name Vik (short term of Viking), that would be it. Bad luck for mee, it was already taken. But I just added an S in front - S for Super, and I was ready to go. Later on, I learned that Svik is the word for betrayel on Iceland. But at that time it was to late. My name was already spoken at many evening tables, kids listening eager to hear of the adventures of Svik the hunter.

I choose the mining and engineering skill, because I wanted to make some nice equipment. I now know, that when retail starts, and I have to start all over, the choice will be different. Working with leather will be easier and fits better to the hunter.